White chenille bedspread is lovely and wonderful. It is clean and ready for use when new. But, you may need to give it a good cleaning, if it is filthy or stinking when you get from an estate.  Here are some tips to care if you are new to chenille.


Before you start doing anything, make sure you examine the ground cloth of the spread.  The ground could be weighty cotton sheeting on most bedding though satin and gauzier cotton are also common. But the cleaning process may require extreme care as it may be very thin and weak fabric due to numerous washings over the decades. Likewise, if you handle the white chenille bedspread in the wrong way, you may create large tears from small holes in the cloth. Before you start, any and every situation issues should be aware of.

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Before washing spreads, try to soak them.  This allows removing any blemish and general dirtiness.  Use deep cleaner and hot water like Biz or Oxi-Clean in a double dose and soak them in a big tub.  Soften cleaner as much as possible by stir it into the water. If you are not watchful, deep cleaner can bleach small white spots into the soiled fabric so it is mainly important dissolving the cleaner with colored spreads. Soak the spread into the water.

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Squish lightly the water throughout the bedding. You can lightly stir the entire thing with the space you have in your bathtub. But be careful, it really heavy lifting wet textiles and you might tear the fabric if you pull on them too hard. Push it into the water.  Leave the white chenille bedspread overnight or at any rate until the water cools.  Letting it soak for a really long time would not cause any damage to cotton.  Keep it stays wet by push the fabric back down into the water. The water would turn brown and foul. Now drain the water and squish the water out lightly and wash it thoroughly.

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General Care

You can apply the same way to launder white chenille bedspread as your other cotton items as they are all cotton. You can prevent colors from fading and add protection with a detergent with this specification.  You are recommended using warm water in the gentle cycle of your washing machine, and a machine with a dissenter at the middle should be avoided. Avoid tearing when removing them from the washing machine by support the whole spread with your arm under. Store them in cool, dark and dry place.