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Purple chenille bedspread may be one of your favorite bedding stuff for your bedroom. This kind of bedspread is soft on our skin and bringing many comforts for our body while sleeping. Furthermore, purple color offers aesthetic and elegant views for our bedroom. But, we cannot deny that this kind of bedspread is also easy to get dirt or unclean after we wear it every day. Many people ask about how to care chenille bedspread to us. Moreover, they also doubt whether this fabric has the same treatment like others or not. Do not worry because we will discuss about the treatment of chenille bedspread today.

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First Step

We are going to the first step of how to clean and care purple chenille bedspread. First of all, you have to see the ground cloth of the bedspread. This is necessary because some fabrics cannot be treated on the same way. After that, you can soak the bedspread in order to remove any stain on the surface. We suggest you to use hot water and deep cleaner to soak it. Make sure you have pushed the bedspread into the water. Please be careful in doing it because wet fabrics will give you a heavy weight spread after all. The last thing on the first steep is not to tug the spreads because it will tear them all.

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Purple Chenille Bedspread Queen

Second Step

Now, it is time for you to use detergent. The purple chenille bedspread is cotton material. To prevent the fading purple color, make sure you do not wash them with other colors. A good detergent will give more protection for the purple color. Once again, warm water will help you to get rid of some dirt easily. In this step, you are free whether using washing machine or just your hand. Please remember, chenille fabric will be very heavy when it is wet. So, we prefer to use washing machine instead of washing it manually. This step also requires you to use softener.

Purple Chenille Bedspread King

Third Step

Lastly, you can take out the chenille bedspreads from your washing machine. Then, you can dry them all through these several methods. The first method is by line drying. This is the most recommended one. You can hang your chenille bedspread on a line. Then, wait for some hours until it dries perfectly. The second method is by using dryer. Yeah, chenille fabric is able to be placed inside washing machine dryer. But, it is recommended to be dried for fifteen minutes as maximum time. That is all what you can do to clean and care your purple chenille bedspread.

Purple Chenille Bedspread

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