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Pale pink bedspread is identically made for baby girls or kids. This statement is not definitely true because pink and pale color can be used too for adults or women. If you know how to decorate your bedroom in pink theme, you may not feel still at kids or girls after all. As we know, we do not like to be compared as kids or children since we are now an adult, right? Decorating bedroom is one way to give strong statement for you. Pink is one of the favorite colors for girls including women. In this article, we will give a guide how to decorate pale pink bedding without giving any girly theme.

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Pale Pink Bedspread UK

Additional Furniture

It still becomes pros and cons in homeowners about combining pale pink bedspread and other furniture for better bedroom. Yeah, additional furniture is sometimes necessary but it is not often. In using pale pink bedding or comforter, you do not need additional accessories on your bed such as shams pillows or coach because it will make your bed become messy and too exaggerated just like girly room. Giving strong statement such as simple bedspread pattern or plain pink color is the best way to remove the girly-theme on your bed. If you have more budgets, add modern accessories such as couch or table near your bed.

Pale Pink Bedspread Wallmart

Emphasize Your Personality

The next way to decorate pale pink bedspread for adults is by emphasizing your personality. Although this also can be happened for girls or kids, but it is not as bold as adult bedroom. Thus, you can give your personal touch to accompany your pale pink bedding. For instance, you can add desk with work lights near your bed to ensure yourself that you can work or do your job even until the night. In addition, emphasizing your personality on your bedspread can be done by giving modern pattern which is not related with girly designs or cartoons.

Pale Pink Bedspread Canada


After all, using pink and pale bedspread on the bed is not the same with girls or kids. You can do these tips and tricks to give a new look for your bedroom. Pale and pink color is not commonly used for children. They usually love seeing bright and cheerful pink bedspread. As the result, it is completely different for youngster and adult, right? But, those tips will emphasize your pink bedroom easily as an adult bedroom. Last but not least, we have also some pale pink bedspread examples that you can apply on your bedroom too.

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