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Summer is coming and we need lightweight bedspreads for our bed now. We know that heavy bedspread is not compatible with warm and hot weather like summer. Instead, it is very suitable for winter or cold season obviously. Because of this reason, we have no idea to make our heavy bedspread becomes lightweight as possible. Do not worry because we have two quick hints or tips to make it as lightweight as possible. As the result, we will face this season with happiness and coolness every night we sleep on our bed. Without further ado, check out the first tip below.

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The fabric choice is the most important factor that you have to do in choosing lightweight bedspreads. We found some lightweight fabrics which suit for your bedspread. But, the best one is cotton material. Cotton bedspread is not too heavy for summer season because this fabric has breathability. Do not find some fabrics like denim because it is not suitable for you surely. If you know very well with the cotton fabric, you will see the real difference with other fabrics or bedspreads. So, the point is like this. If you can find thinner fabric, we can absolutely believe that it is lighter than others.

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Last but not least, it is all about the batting for lightweight bedspreads. For instance, you have polyester as your bedspread. It is surely lightweight. But, this batting does not have breathability feature. It means that you can get warm bedspread but it is not as cool as you wish for summer. We recommend you to find natural fiber batting which you can get on cotton fabrics. For your information, polyester is a synthetic fiber or chemical features. That is why this fabric has no ability to be breathable on your bed. There is also wool batting which is also considered as natural fibers. However, this is not suitable for summer because it is warmer than cotton. Of course, warmest bedspread like wool does not seem good in hot weather like summer, right? Instead, you can choose no batting option for your quilts or bedspread because it gives natural bedding after all.


In conclusion, we know that not all fabrics are lightweight except cotton. Thus, cotton bedspread is the most suitable bedspread for your bed in summer. The lighter fabric offers thinner size and practicality. The secret is located on the cotton fabrics which have breathability features. So, those lightweight bedspreads can be your best friend during the summer.

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