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Washing green bedspread queen may be difficult if you do not know how to do it. Luckily, we made the guide about that in this special article. This activity is one of the treatments for homeowners to clean the bedspreads by themselves. For your information, green bedspread is a unique color because it is plain and reminding us about nature. Unlike white bedspread, green bedding is easier to be washed because it won’t be faded if we wash it properly. Thus, you do not have to buy laundry service anymore and use your money for other concerns. Without further ado, check out the first step below.

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Cool Water and Less Detergent

The first step to wash green bedspread queen properly is by using cool water. Not all people concern about the temperature of their laundry wash. For your information, how water will lower the strands of the fabrics if you use it over time. Secondly, make sure you put less detergent on that water. Sometimes, the soap manufacturers recommend the users of their detergents to put particular measurement while washing. You can reduce the usage because their recommendation is kind of wasting your detergent. Moreover, too much soap on your bedspread will make it more rigid and not be soft anymore.


After you wash your green bedspread queen, it is time to dry it. If you do not dry it properly on your washing machine, the bedspread will have much wrinkling on its surface. The best way to dry the bedspread is by reducing the number of space of the dryer. Too much fabric on a dryer will make it overloaded. As a result, your soft bedspread has many wrinkles instead. The best result can be gained when you dry or wash the green bedspread alone. Give some space on the dryer at least a half of it.

Green Bedspread Queen


The last step after you drying the bedspread is picking it on the dryer. There is a trick to make your green sheet smooth and soft. Before the cycle ends, you must pick the bedspread inside the dryer. This is necessary because the creases will not be formed easily if it is still on the dryer. So, you have to smooth it with your hand before the creases formed automatically inside the dryer. At last but not least, fold your bedspread after it is dried. Then, storage it before you can use it on your beautiful bedroom. You do not have to iron them because you have picked it before the green bedspread queen creases have been formed.

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