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Dealing with your windows may have limited possibilities. For bedding in your bedroom, you can find the right way coordinating bedding and curtains with this quick introduction. It is fine if your curtains choices are limited but keep function comes first and forget style considerations awhile. Lined curtains are your choice if you want treatments that give privacy or total obscurity. You should choose unlined if your curtains are simply decorative or light filtering is good for you.

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Coordinating Bedding And Curtains


The mood of the room is one thing to consider. You can only dry-clean heavy silk or velvet but they make a good formal space. Cotton sateen and silky rayon blends are often washable and handier choices. Wrinkled crushed velvet and billowy linen is good to create a casual feel. Wool blends or seasonless wool bring a trendy, orderly feel, and work with any type of decor as does cotton and cotton blends.


You can pop or to blend the curtains with the decor as you want when coordinating bedding and curtains. Consider a few shades darker wall or with the same tone with curtains for blending or pick a non-prevailing fine color in the room. You may add some impression with exclamation point from a bold color. The room may be infused into the color through unlined curtains as the sun shines in a space. Consider cheery, pink, or blue.

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Patterns And Prints

It is best to stay with solid curtains if you have a very elaborate rug, patterned bedding or furniture. Think patterned curtains if there is solid-color furniture or bedding in the room when coordinating bedding and curtains. From far away, you can create texture look using dots or paisley as a little, neutral print to give a bit of style and vigor. It can be stunning but bold if giving the existing decor with a huge, detailed print in coordinating color.

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Curtains Length And Width

If a radiator or a deep is absent, you can choose curtains in floor-length when coordinating bedding and curtains. There are 63 to 144 inches length curtains in ready-made panels. Size from where you hang the rod to the floor, and then round up. If needed, having them dry cleaner hem a bit may help. The cloth that touches the floor will get the most up to date look. It may look nerdy and awkward with too-short curtains. When closed, there should be plenty and drapey look on those panels with the width of the window is 2 times of the combined width.

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