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It can be uncomfortable and too hot for comfort sleeping on the current bedding when spring turns to summer. Consider seasonally appropriate, lighter-weight cool bedspreads to replace your existing bedding that suit to warmer weather before it gets too hot. There are a range of thicknesses, materials, and styles when it comes to single-layer bedspreads.

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You can choose between eco-fill or artificial, feather, wool filling for your bedspread Depending on your propensity to allergies and personal heat preference along with your room’s level of padding and airflow, choose lighter natural fibers and more breathable than artificial materials like percale, linen, or cotton when choosing the materials. Put a blanket or bedding of the bed that is easy to reach if there is lowering temperature from the infrequent cool summer gust.

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Try picking colors that suggest the season when it comes to the weather and retreat scenarios for your summer bedspread. Light blues and greens are conventional cool colors while clean whites will reflect any daylight that shines throughout the day through bedroom windows. Add a coastal, marine feeling with navy blue and white color scheme for fitting cool bedspreads.

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Prints And Patterns

Summertime would work better with certain prints and patterns. Rather than summer, autumn suits dark oranges and browns. Conversely, well-liked summer option are nature prints and floral. Keep fabric cool and repel sunlight, choose the lighter side color mixture that corresponds the season if patterns are your choice.

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Breadth And Heaviness

Depending on the type and volume of batting, there are different thicknesses for cool bedspreads though they are normally a lot thinner than comforters. A thinner cotton light bedspread than the normal blanket is your choice if you are easily get too warm fairly. Sheets help those hot sleepers a choice to a bed that are cooler but look better.

Single Bedspread

An all-season bedspread is your best bet if you think it is too much hassle swapping bedspreads twice a year. During the cooler months, you can add more insulation with two pieces that fold together of this style of bedspread. Prints, colors, or patterns are adaptable in these bedspreads. This is why white is the common all-season bedspreads.


A new cool bedspreads set is not the only solution. You may want shopping for ornamental pillows and some throws if you prefer to match your bedroom for the summer. Match your new bedspread with colors and patterns or contrast the look.

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