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If you are looking for cheap Chenille bedspreads, it is not impossible anymore these days. Many people want to purchase this kind of bedspread because of several reasons. But, you need to know that what it is firstly. For your information, Chenille is a fabric which is usually used for bedspread and other bedding items. This fabric is special because it is made by a combination between cotton and wool. In addition, it is also sewn with special method. As a result, it creates 3D effect when we see it from any perspective. The popularity of Chenille bedding is not ended yet. This fabric is also well-known because of its softness on human skin.

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Cheap Chenille Bedspreads


Before you are going to read the tips and tricks to have better longevity for cheap Chenille bedspreads, it is better for us to know a short history of this unique fabric firstly. Chenille is taken from French which refers to the caterpillar. This fabric was being popular in 1920s and introduced in the form of bedspreads. Because of its characteristics, many people have interested to wear this fabric for their bedroom furniture. You need to know that Chenille bedspread is also derived from synthetic fibers too beside of cotton or wool. The beauty of its design and solidness can enhance our bedroom easily.

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Now, it is time to see the first tip and trick to make cheap Chenille bedspreads more durable than normal or usual Chenille. The key point is located on the washing method. You have to use cotton towel to get rid the stains on the Chenille bedspread. If you rub it as washing other fabric, the stain will spread out instead. As a result, it will be harder for you clean the stain. Because of the cotton or wool material in this fabric, you also need to brush the stain with soft brushers such as baby’s hairbrush. Using mild detergent will help you to make your job in washing it easily.

Hard Stains

Everything can be happened on our bed including hard stains. Of course, it would be harder for us to remove the stains because the Chenille fabric is well-known for its softness. In this case, upholstery cleaners that you usually use to clean your car’s seats can be used to clean it.  In addition, Chenille bedspread requires special treatments even though the price is cheap or not. After all, it is different with normal bedspread. Let us keep our cheap Chenille bedspreads clean all the time.

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