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Stains and tears can be prevented to occur on your expensive comforter with the protection of a duvet cover. A duvet cover is a huge, protecting fabric layering for a comforter. You can keep the comforter dirt free and protected with a fabric slip cover of duvet cover as you do not want your comforters that are made from pricey goose down dirty as they are difficult to clean. Butterfly duvet cover queen is some of many fabrics, size and styles you can find that fit your comforter and decor. Here are tips to help you match this duvet to the current decor of your bedroom.

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Butterfly Duvet Cover Queen Colors

Duvet cover with butterfly pattern comes in various colors that you can match it to the current décor of your bedroom or comforter. Choose complementing colors for butterfly duvet cover queen to bring comfortable and relax feel to the room or choose contrast colors to make statement or add interesting look to the room. You can also bring fiesta to the space by choosing pattern that consists of all colors on the duvet.

Butterfly Duvet Cover Queen size


You do not have to match the pattern of duvet to the surrounding. There are lots of shapes you can use to match the butterfly. Birds, leaves, and flowers are some of ideas you can use but make sure you choose colors that complement each other. You can take photos of your current décor and take it to the shop to help you compare which patterns that looks best with the butterfly. This method can also work to help you choose matching colors.


There are a range of duvet size options when it comes to butterfly duvet cover queen. If you have a queen size bed, you want the exact same size of duvet to your bed. Too small or too large duvet will make it look odd with your bed and will cause the awkward look to the entire room. The size of the pattern will also affect the look of the room. Smaller pattern in large room will make the space looks crowded while bigger patterns in small room will overwhelm the eye.

Butterfly Duvet Cover Queen for sale


Duvet is available in various materials that range from cheap, low grade fabric to high quality, expensive linen. You want something that feels and looks great for your bed but you also need your butterfly duvet cover queen to provide enough protection for your comforter below.

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