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There are a range of palettes that work well with a flexible, deep neutral color Navy blue. For a tranquil and relaxing space, a suitable hue is the Navy blue bedspreads queen as peace can be associated with dark blue. You can avoid dark and blocked-in feeling in the room and add contrast with a lighter tone on the walls with navy as it is deep. You can improve a diversity of palettes with navy as a neutral. Based on the style of the furniture, the dimension of the space, and your individual liking, complement your navy bedclothes by picking your paint color.

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Stay With Basic

Balance the navy bedding’s dark color with all white carpentry and walls. A mainly effective mixture in a smaller room is high-polished white enamel on a ceiling and the trim as it boost reflected light. Fuse the color scheme on pillows and curtains with white fabric and printed navy. Boost the character of the space and the light effect with white furnishings, or use painted furniture to introduce a third vibrant accent tint. Try a green chest, a dark red rocking chair, or chartreuse bedside tables to heighten the navy.

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Monochromatic Enchantment

You can use shades of a particular color a successful monochromatic color scheme. Create a peaceful and soothing space with light shades of the Navy blue bedspreads queen color on the walls. The woodwork and ceiling may be painted to match the walls or a much paler tint of the wall color. You can create an integrated effect in a generous room by painting a navy accent wall behind the bed.

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Natural Neutrals

Try a refined color scheme by combine Neutral navy with more neutrals. Light camel or khaki tan walls are example of the companion colors that are light in tone. Create a cool, calm effect by combining navy with pale gray walls. Navy blue bedspreads queen and walls add the color scheme that is supported and complemented by throw pillows and window treatments. Finely transmit the colors in the room using the lightest shade of the wall color on the ceiling. Create a minor contrast with a lighter shade of the wall color to draw interest to the woodwork.

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Brilliant Ideas

Gold, lime green, or an orange-red are bright contemporary colors that mix well with naturally neutral character of Navy blue bedspreads queen. Avoid overpowering by limiting the amount of bright color. Create a stimulating space with fashionable spirit by painting the accent color on one wall and white on the remaining walls.

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