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It does not matter whether you bought any Bates bedspreads in your home or not. The point is what treatment that you have used to clean them properly. For your information, Bates bedding is one of the popular brands in the bedspread industry. Many people have proven the quality and durability of this product by themselves. However, its durability won’t stay longer if you do not know how to clean them. Because of this reason, we decide to make this guide in order to give you better understanding about cleaning the Bates product by yourself. Without further ado, check them out below.

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First of all, you have to prepare your Bates bedspreads which you want to clean. Then, prepare the washing machine. In this case, you have to set the machine as large load. This is important in order to make the bedspread move without any resistance during the washing. In addition, the delicate cycle is also preferred. The use of warm water is a must in order to create better results later. Please determine the detergents which you want to use. Harsh detergents are not recommended in cleaning the bedspreads because it gives bad impact in the end.

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Here are some prohibitions that you do not have to apply in cleaning Bates bedspreads. The first one is about the using of bleach. This is not very recommended because it will make the bedspread faded. In addition, the use of brighteners is also not necessary because the color of Bates product is very good. The next avoidance related with the cleaning of Bates bedding is about the amount of the detergent. Make sure the amount of the detergent in smallest amount only. Coating on the bedspread will appear if you have used large amount of detergents.


Lastly, we also provide some tips when you clean and dry the Bates blanket. If you found some stains on the blanket, those are the high priority problems which you need to solve first. Do not make the stains keep sticking on the bedspread. In addition, drying the bedspread which still consists of stain will make it harder and sticky to be cleaned. If this case still happens on your bedspread, you must use small amount of bleach as the alternative solution. Rinse the bedspread with cold water only. Please repeat this step until the stains are removed properly. Then, make it dry naturally. In the end you can store the Bates bedspreads on the storage.

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