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The traditional small bedroom will look perfect with bates bedspread vintage. There is very distinctive beautiful motif in it that gives your room a gorgeous decoration and cozy look. All bedrooms in your home can use this bedspread to get the clean decoration to the space. This bedspread gives a bigger look to your room and makes it look brighter as it usually comes in white color or other bright colors. This is due to the ability of white to reflect the light perfectly. Your room will look great with this bedspread as this bedspread can make a bigger look to a small bedroom. Using Bates Bedspreads to decorate your bedroom require you to think smarter to get the best result.

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Decorating Bates Bedspread Vintage

Your room will feel more comfortable that make you stay long as Bates bedspreads offers classic sense to the space. You will be able to sleep more comfortable on this Bedspread by choosing the high-quality and smooth material. Choose wooden furniture in dark color to decorate around bates bedspread vintage to add the classic feel. Dark color can make your room looks stylish and luxury. Ceiling and lighting are aspects you also need to consider when decorating Bates. They add more classic decoration in the room. Bring the graceful look by using the unique motif.

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Bates Bedspreads Care Tips

To help you in caring your bates bedspread vintage, follow these instructions and tips whether it had been in your family for generations or you just bought your Bates bedspread. You may use washing machine to wash but bedspread should be able to move freely during washing by using a large load setting. Use subtle rotation in warm water when washing. Do not use cruel laundry detergents and use a pre-diluted soft liquid detergent. Bleaching is a big no as it can damage fabric. It is best to use the slight amount of detergent as over time a coating will form if using large quantities of detergent. Use warm temperatures to dry.

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Stain Removal

Once stain occurs, remove it right away. Stain will be harder to remove as it is set by heat.  Make sure the stain has been removed completely before drying your blanket. To remove stain, apply small amount of bleach substitute such as Tide plus on the stain. Rub in cold water while rinsing. If the stain persists, repeat the process. Wash the fabric normally. Make sure bates bedspread vintage is dry completely before storing. 

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